Saturday, March 22, 2014

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Day 9, 19th of March - Hard Rock and Departure to San Francisco

Today was the end of our adventure, the end of a trip that will not soon be forgotten. A week when exchange students from 18 different countries had the best time ever.
The day started with free breakfast and free time followed by check out and lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe where we had our moment to say good bye.
Our flights were late as it seemed that Hawaii didn't want us to leave.
The arrival and connections in San Francisco went well after few problems which were able to be solved in a satisfactory manner.
Thanks for all the people involved in the success of this trip: suppliers, staff in the office, chaperons Junso and Amy and specially the students who we will very much miss.
See you all some day,

Your friends always,

Fred and Kiersten

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Day 8, 19th of March - Diamond Head

This morning, we had breakfast at Denny's. The pancakes, French toast, or fruits we ate were very yummy! Everybody enjoyed the time together. After a while, we took the public bus heading to Diamond Head, an dead volcano became a green paradise. Ready for the hike under the Hawaiian sun, we started to walk up to top of Diamond Head. We walked along the cliff, then we went through a cave, we climbed a stairs, and finally we got to see this wonderful landscape from the top me the crater. The view was amazing and everybody took lots of pictures, including many selfies! The way down was much easier. After the hike, we had six hours of free time. Some of us went to the beach to enjoy the sunshine, others went surfing or simply shopping in the city. We felt sad that tomorrow is going to be our last day in Hawaii. We dressed up for the last dinner with each other. It was a lot me fun to eat at the Round Table tonight. During the free time after the dinner, we shared a lot of stories. We will miss each other very much. This trip has been fantastic so far.

Written by Janice and Corentin

Day 7, 18th of March - Ala Moana Shopping and Talent Show

Our adventure in Hawaii keeps going on! Today after we woke up and we went to Jimmy's Buffet

 to have a breakfast buffet and then we had free time. During our free hours some of us went to the beach and enjoying the sun, while some went surfing. Surfing was great, the waves were good and the weather was nice: perfect conditions. By the end of the lessons a lot of the guys were successfully able to stand up on the board and catch up the waves on their own without the help of teachers, that was a big accomplishment!

Tonight was also the talent show night! All of us created a little sketch alone or in grou, sang a song or danced on the stage in booba gump -decorated just for us- showing our own country culture or the costumes we learned so far during our exchange. It was a pleasure for everybody see each other's work and success. After dinner we had free time on the mill to do some shopping.
The curfew is at 11.30 and everyone is so tired and sleepy so good night and enjoy the last few days of the trip! :)


Day 6, 17th of March - Pearl Harbor and Luau

Today we had some free time for breakfast so some of us went for a run, others chilled on the beach or simply slept in a little longer. While we were out for breakfast, we saw several green outfits around (today it was saint patrick's day), and it was quite fun to somehow assist to this american tradition!                 
Not much beach life for us as we continued our day. Before lunch we went for an interesting tour of one of the most important sites for american history: Pearl Harbor. Unfortunately we weren't able to visit the actual memorial due to the wind but it was still amazing to understand and more deeply respect this tragic event that still impacts our lives today.
After a quick stop at a grocery store, we headed towards a magical and tropical luau on the wonderful beach of paradise cove. During the time we were there we had the opportunity to make flower lays, play some interesting games and even go for a short canoe trip around the romantic bay. We had a tipical hawaiian dinner, the food was delicious and we entertained by an amazingly talented crew with music, booty shaking, hoola lessons and fire "games" as grand finale.     
After a few shots with the sexy dancers, we went back to the hotel, hanged out for a while already thinking of how amazing the next day in this paradise will be.
By Giulia and Ursule

Day 5, 16th of March - Snorkeling at Hanauma Bay

On Sunday we woke up with a lot of energy, looking forward to an awesome day. We ate breakfast at iHop, where some people ate pancakes, other people prefered toast and a few yoghurt and fruit. After that we took vans to Haunama bay ready to snorkel. There, we saw the most awesome beach we have seen so far, the view from the top was spectacular. At first we divided in groups of four so people wouldn't think we were a group, we sat all together though. The water was cold for being Hawaii and there was a lot of wind but all the fish we saw was worth it. We had a blast. After that, all covered in sand because of the wind, we went back to the hotel and had some free time to buy souvenirs, go to the beach, or stay in the hotel doing whatever. We met in the hotel and we went all together to the cheeseburger something lol. Most of the people got a bigger #2! After that, we had some more free time before meeting at the hotel again and obviously, my group got lost. Though singing and dancing we got to the hotel. Fred's speech and good nights. Another amazing day in Hawaii.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Day 4, 15th of March - North Shore, Surfing Class and Polynesian Culture Center.

Today, we went to the North Shore. After a bus ride with probably the funniest bus driver we've ever seen, we experienced our first rain in Hawaii. We arrived in Haleiwa, worried about the weather, but it turned out fine. Everyone was really excited. For a lot of us, this would be our first time surfing. We got devided into three groups of 15 people. Each group rode the waves for around an hour. In the meantime the others were hanging out at the beach. It was a great experience for all of us. The lucky ones were even able to say « hi » to some turtles.

Our next stop was the Polynisian Culture Center in Laie. We got three hours of free time were we could explore the different cultures of the polynisian islands. It was so much fun ! Hawaiian people are so open minded, friendly and entertaining.
Around 5 o'clock we finally got our dinner. We did not really have lunch, we just stopped by a super market, so everyone had been looking forward to that. Especially because we knew it was going to be a big buffet. (Exchange students have good appetite as you may know.)

Sadly, on our way back, we did not have Tiny (the funny guy who drove us there) as our bus driver. He was just hilarious. We got back around 8 o'clock and had free time until 10.30 pm. Most of us went out to Waikiki or relaxed in the hotel.
We had another awesome day in a paradise called Hawaii.

By Juliette (France), Hannah (Norway) and Ramona (Germany).